Hi this is Karen. I want to make sure to get a few privacy issues out of the way. Now I am not talking about privacy when it comes to hosting individuals or couch surfing. That is another matter. Just a note on that however would be to always be safe and to always have a backup plan in case you or your guest is not the right fit. Don’t be ashamed to say it’s not working out. Be upfront and honest at all times. There should never be pressure in between you, a host, or a guest.

But more importantly let’s talk about and the privacy that happens here. We do not use any big brother, Scuzzy crap like other sites. We are on the up and up and maintain a clean site that does not use third-party cookies to track your activities. is committed to making your online browsing a success and safe at all times. On you may find occasional third-party offers which or not affiliated with this website. Should you choose to visit their page, please be aware that you will then be bound by the terms and conditions of their site.

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